Lawnmower Bitcoin App Review

Lawnmower Bitcoin App Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
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Lawnmower app is an investment which helps you in investing the Bitcoins through purchase through the Bank accounts. It also provides the real time information about day to day ups and downs in the crypto market, with 24*7 tracking in US$.

Services offered

Lawnmower app works extremely good when it comes to crypto markets. It provides total tracking and real time information of the markets with various tracking tools and analytics reports. The trading facilities which shows the amount in US$ makes it easier for the investor to find the value of the investment in actual time.

The reports provided by the app are very much accurate and if they want more information in the report then they can take the premium services which is being offered by the company. Not only the reports or the information, but also the news which are being highlighted or which are important from the point of view of the investor are being delivered to the user by way of notification.

It offers the transaction for as low as $5 which is very good for the investor because if the investor wants to make in very less amount for trial basis, then also he would be able to do so.

How it works and its features

Lawnmower app basically works on the IOS network & Android platform, it offers the consumers the spare change converted to the Bitcoin. This app keeps the eyes on the transaction you make and the extra change would be adjusted to the nearest $ and converting it to the Dollar. In case of rounding off, this app would take the next Dollar as amount and take it to the Bitcoin Wallet.

It is connected through the Coinbase account and the payment would be made through it. But the payment a=options available with the user are Citibank, Wells Fargo, US bank, Chase & Bank of America.

For E.g. If we buy a burger for $4.3, then the app would automatically deduct $5 from the bank and would purchase on your behalf the Bitcoin worth remaining $0.7.

Reliability and Security

The security would not be any issue for any user as it is very legit app and is not involved in any kind of scams. They has delegated most of their responsibilities to some other parties such as Transactions made through Coinbase, Payments made via Plaid and stored there only.

Transaction fees/charges

As of now, the app is free to download and there are reports and information available for free. But if the user requires more reports than there is premium membership available for that users which may purchase according to their willingness and purchasing power.

Pros or Advantages of the Lawnmower app

As already mentioned there is no cost involved for using the app, it would be the greatest advantage for any user. The app also shows the balance of the Bitcoin purchased and the rounded off amount. The minimum amount for rounding off is very low up to $5 which I good for the users to get it in very short time.

Cons or disadvantages in the app

The only disadvantage of the app is that it works only on the US$ platform, so if any user from the foreign country wants to invest, it needs to convert its money into $ and then make the payment for the same.


Looking to the value proposition, it offers great deals to the customer at a very low cost or no cost. So its definitely very well developed app with very nice concept.  Download Link.

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