Bitcoin Core Review

Bitcoin Core Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
  • Customer Support

Bitcoin core is a desktop app which has been developed by the developer of Bitcoin, named Satoshi Nakamoto. It is peer to peer network of Bitcoin which works along with the Bitcoin for providing various information to the Bitcoin users. It was founded in the year 2009.

Services offered and Features

The features which this app offers is just for the Sending and Receiving the money in the wallet. But it does not offer buy and sell of the Bitcoins through its network. It is formerly also known as Bitcoin-QT.

The major benefit of the wallet is that it offers end to end encryption of your every transaction you make via this mode through a private key and the wallet would be very much secure and trust worthy in its real sense. It is compatible with the Tor Privacy setups and also has a decentralised peer discovery.

The security features are so strong that the third party even having a wrong intention would not be able to do anything to this wallet. In this wallet you can clearly see the transactions and the current wallet balance with detailed structure of invoices you generate and you have the sole control over your Bitcoins.

You can also use this wallet offline by its cool feature, i.e. Watch only support, where you can have a look at your past transactions. You can also generate QR Codes to receive payment from someone in form of Bitcoins.


It is highly reliable and secure as it has been developed and managed by the Bitcoin Developer team only and no third party is involved in it. It does not takes care of the most of the features which other Bitcoin wallet has, but still it is very comfortable to use this wallet for some particular feature you want.


You have the total control of your wallet and the private key is also generated by you and no third party can have a look at your wallet balance too. You have to manage it all yourself and no one can ever hack your wallet and take the Bitcoins out of it. The best feature in this wallet is only their wallet security. So the security feature would be getting 5 star.

Trading Platforms

It is Desktop app based platform through which the whole Bitcoin Network is downloaded to your PC and access is granted through this mode. You can transact through this node and can have a perfect secure transaction.

Transaction fees/charges –

As such, there are no charges for using the app or wallet feature, but it is said by many of the experts that the app uses lot of memory against its actual features which makes it less useful for a normal person having very transactions.


The only advantage which it offers in comparison with other wallets is the security feature, which is missing in the other wallets and other feature which is that it is open source. Other than that it has received bad reviews from experts.


It uses lot of space and gives very less benefits for a normal person. It downloads the entire Blockchain which has a lot of space to be downloaded. As of 2016, it is expected that it might be having a download size of 75 GB, which makes it impossible for any user to download it and use it.


Because of low features and high space, it does not meet the requirements of the consumer and not recommended to use it, still if someone has large use of Bitcoins, it might help them

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