Bitcoin Paranoid App Review

Bitcoin Paranoid App Review

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Bitcoin Paranoid is the app for the Bitcoin users which provides them the regular updates and the market trends which might affect there decision making whether to sell or purchase the Bitcoins. It is basically a Notification giving app which helps in real time tracking of the value of the Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Paranoid Services offered

The only service which they offer is the notification services or the reminder services or the real time tracking at your home screen services. This app basically works very much useful for those individuals which requires every minute of tracking of Bitcoins and they have huge transactions to be entered into.

They have also now installed a new feature which is known as “Alarm feature” which would alarm or wake up the person after every some point of time. They have installed 4 types of such alarms. They are:

  1. Every 10s – Very useful for persons using various services at time and no time to visit the app every time. It is also known as Paranoia mode
  2. Every 1 minute – Calculation of every minute of the Bitcoins would tend to make the user more aware about the markets. It is also known as Crazy mode.
  3. Every 15 minute – This is for such users which are not tend to make frequent transactions and Bitcoins sell and purchase is not only there business. It is also known as Normal mode.
  4. Every 1 hour – For those who are tend to look every hour for the changes in the prices, they can see right away on their screens. It is also known as Economic mode.

It provides the conversion rates of Bitcoin in many currencies and of leading countries which would increase the usage of the app and would be beneficial for the users.

How it works and its features

It is basically a notification generated app which would activated once you download it on your phones and make the notification alerts on and on the interval you want.

Reliability and Security

As there is no money element involved in it, it is reliable and secure too. It only shows the exchange rates and the conversion rates at which the currencies trading in different countries are equivalent to Bitcoins.

Transaction fees/charges

There are no such charges for the app, but it urges the users to donate some Bitcoins for the better development and usage of the app.

Pros or Advantages of Bitcoin Paranoid app

The pros of the app depends on person to person, as some person does lot of transaction on daily basis, then this app would be highly beneficial for those people. While some person would rarely be doing transaction, then it would less useful.

Cons or disadvantages in the app

What’s missing in the app? – As such there are no disadvantages of the app, but there are some bug issues which the company is trying to resolve.


Sure shot for those who are bored of visiting the Bitcoin apps, just for looking to the Bitcoins Value. It is more useful and simple app for the Bitcoin users.

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