Bitcoin Billionaire App Review

Bitcoin Billionaire App Review

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The latest developed game application has snatched everyone’s sleep away! A virtual world, with digging off bitcoins, sounds fun. With a rating of 4.5 at Google play store, this game is surely the latest sensation of age 5 to 50. Yes, I am talking of Bitcoin Billionaire. Haven’t played yet? Let’s tap some useful reviews here.

The game is real simple. It’s all about clicking! Not clear yet? Okay, this is a game of clicking and collecting bitcoins and building up an enormous, massive fortune. You have to start this game, in an old room with a clumsy desktop computer. All you have to do is to tap the screen.

By clicking and tapping the screen, you can dig bitcoins and gradually increase your wealth. And on what will you spend that wealth? Well, there’s lots of scope for that. You can change your old room, change furniture and turn it into some really sci-fi room. You can spend your money on different investments too, which will eventually help you to level up even when you are away.

Yes, of course investments aren’t as boring as real life, it’s super fast! You can invest in robot building, holographic dating, etc. And the investment list is too long to continue here! There’s a time travel provision too, where you can level up and jump into some different era. From ancient period to some modern era, every option are there, wide open!

If all these descriptions aren’t strong enough to make you interest in this games, let’s go through its various features

  1. Real fast tapping bitcoin mining.
  2. Unlock achievements by being a little bit smart!
  3. Grab bonuses from flying drones.
  4. Customize your character and your whole game.
  5. Adopt a kitty, or a robot or anything you like; there’re lots of options.

Bitcoin Billionaire Advantages-

  • The small sized app, doesn’t consume much space, only 29mb.
  • A real time killer. Doesn’t let you bore for a second.
  • It is not at all complicated, easy to learn and easy to play.
  • Fast upgrading.


  • Advertisement popping up in the middle of the game could be bit irritating.
  • In some mobiles, like Motorola, it makes some problems like slow starting, etc.
  • It has some technical issues, after starting the games it pauses other apps, but not in all cases.
  • It’s all about tapping! So your fingers may hurt a bit.
  • Offline thing doesn’t work always.

Bitcoin Billionaire Security-

It is absolute secure game to play. Developer, noodlescake provide every kind of privacy policy to make it safe. It contains no virus and doesn’t need any extra permission. It only needs wifi and device id permission.

In-app purchase

It has in-app purchase availability too! In-app, purchases vary from USD 0.4 to USD 30 per item. And it varies with the levels.

In one word, it is an entirely addictive game. It can hook you up to your phone for an hour, and you won’t even realize that. Besides this, it is a fun game too with heavy words bitcoins and investments. It is a must try. Happy digging!

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