Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Review

Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Review

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  • Security
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Airbitz is basically an online wallet from which one can easily buy, sell, send and receive the bitcoins within seconds using your phone or tablet anywhere in the world. It is easily available in most US states and Canadian provinces. From this online wallet one can control their own bitcoin private keys with the familiarity and the ease of mobile banking. Airbitz was finally released with open source on October 31, 2014.


Its services include sending and receiving bitcoins in seconds using these four Techniques: –

  • Through QR code.
  • Email and SMS.
  • Through Near field communication one can also send the bitcoins.
  • Lastly form the Bluetooth Low Energy.

It has a great functionality and some of them are: –

  • It has zero- knowledge and zero-access to user funds, keys or transactions data so one can totally protected.
  • It has integrated Bitcoin buy and sell feature that is linked from the bank account.
  • You can simply crate an account by just a login and password.
  • One of the unique feature is that it has hierarchical deterministic wallets with changing addresses per transaction.
  • Another feature is transactions by payee. Category or through notes.
  • It has decentralized server architecture that can even work if servers are down.


When it comes to reliability Airbitz offers a Private and decentralized architecture which means that this system allows wallets to function even when the Aitbitz servers are down. The features like peer-to-peer cloud backups which basically provides an anti-fragile networking environment even in times of distress, zero personal user information when it comes to using a wallet and server data model providing no correlation between transactions and user accounts makes this wallet much more reliable.


Safety is the foremost concern for the users and Airbitz has the following techniques which keeps your data secured. Some of them includes-

  • The data which is unencrypted is never stored on the device.
  • Here the Encrypted wallet data is automatically backed up to the cloud making it much more secured.
  • In case your data is lost wallet recovery only requires login and password with the compatible device.


Airbitz is basically compatible with Android or iPhone device and does not have the desktop version available in the market.


The fee is calculated by looking into different parameters like network recommended by the client and by taking this factor they initially charge you 0.2 mBTC per Kb.


The most important pros of this app is that it is very easy to use and is available in multiple currencies with different bitcoin denominations like BTC, mBTC, uBTC. The Bluetooth for the wallet works very well with the compatible devices.


One of the major drawback of this app is that the security of the cloud based back up is still not clear. Another drawback is that it only allows the USD exchange rate.


Airbitz is a powerful app which can be easily used by the beginners. The financial privacy of the client is secured with the latest software. No doubt Airbitz is one of the most secure and easy to use mobile online bitcoin wallet.


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