Wall Of Coins Bitcoin Exchange Review

Wall Of Coins Bitcoin Exchange Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
  • Customer Support

Wall of coins is basically a peer-to-peer market for everyone to buy and sell the decentralized digital currencies. Wall of coins simply connects the buyer and the seller in the manner that is intelligently, trustworthy and secure when it comes to instant exchange of the bitcoins on the web. Here the buying and selling of the bitcoins becomes very easy with a decent exchange system as compared to other P2P solutions and sellers can easily set the pricing and the minimums of the Bitcoins. It does not have the ID verification barrier for the traditional exchanges which makes this wallet hassle free and user friendly.


One of the most innovative feature of this wallet is that it stores all the bitcoins on the cloud storage. It has-

  • GPG verification system where all the GPG keys are hosted on the separate web browser.
  • Minimum transaction amount of $5.
  • Account creation is not permanent.
  • Also has 2 factor authentication system that is very easy to use.
  • The most important standard feature of this wallet is that it does not require an ID based verification system which is required by most of the P2P exchange system available in the market.


Wall of coins is basically owned and operated by the Genitrust Inc. which is one of the renowned company when it comes to security. With a fully transparent peer-to-peer system for exchange of the bitcoins it is also a secure live and fixed exchange for the users. It also has an escrow system to ensure that the transaction is fully protected until the confirmation from the seller.

Wall of coins has the following features which makes this wallet very much reliable-

  • Speed

When the purchases are made with the cash deposits, it is estimated that the bitcoins are delivered in under an hour in most of the cases.

  • Reputation

Its deposit addresses are public and GPG signed and also its owners are public and their contact information is easily available on the exchange website making it much more reliable than the other wallets available in the market.

  • Fees

Its fees are included in the purchase price so that the buyers can easily see it online and analyse how much they got charged in each transaction.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is available 24*7 with a toll-free number available on their website. After signing up you can receive a message on how to buy bitcoins making it a user friendly wallet.


Wall of coins has only a desktop version available in the market. It does not have an Android version for the users.


One of the best feature of the Wall of coins is that it has no transaction fees for the users so that you will receive every bit of Bitcoin you had deposited in your wallet.


  • It is easy to use and a private way to buy the bitcoins on the web.
  • No transaction fee is required.


  • It is currently limited to only seven countries.
  • A newcomer in the wallet market.


The ease to use and low entry barriers makes wall of coins a user friendly wallet. With a 100 percent commitment to transparency and peer to peer exchange rate makes this wallet one of the best choices among the wallets available in the market.

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