Luxstack Bitcoin Wallet Review

Luxstack Bitcoin Wallet Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
  • Customer Support

LUXSTACK is a Japan-based company concentrating a lot of care on making bitcoin more portable and available to the everyday consumer. The company revolutionize both from within and through direct investment in businesses that improve liberty and basically change the way people around the globe exchange value.

  1. Services offered by the company:

LUXSTACK offer services for creating premium financial tools, facilities, products and services for bitcoin and the digital currency economy. The service is intended to offer developers with a backend technology stack for developing bitcoin applications. It provides a free, fully native bitcoin wallet that aids you securely store and spends your money without much compromising for usability or practicality.


LUXSTACK benefits you to integrate bitcoin into every area of the daily life and brings the features you suppose from a cashless lifestyle. Following are its features:

  • Signals – You can be informed of significant changes to your finances
    • Tags – It keeps track of inward money with tagged addresses
    • Convenience – It features faster payments and trading
    • Web smarts – Its browser extensions assist you send money without negotiating your security
    • Trust – You can enjoy the comfort of digital money with the confidentiality of cash
    • Sharing – You can send and receive money with anybody, anywhere, promptly
    • Travel – Wherever you approach, know what your money is value in local currency
    • Trading – It facilitates real-time foreign exchange; purchase and sell bitcoin from your wallet
    • Future Proof – It protect and recover your money in sureness with standards-based holdups
  1. Reliability:

The LUXSTACK wallet is more reliable as it is lean and simple to navigate, and perhaps no other wallet allows you start making transactions quickly. To back up your wallet you get the option to enter your password of phone, and then choose a new password simply for the recovery seed. This can then be copied and pasted inside your encrypted backup and saved at any place. Hence it is reliable.

  1. Security:

The private keys that allow you to spend your bitcoin are continuously stored securely on to your mobile device. To expend funds or trade on exchanges you should authenticate yourself with touch ID (especially on iOS) or utilise a gesture lock (on Android platform). The wallet backup is secured with a four-digit password security.

  1. Trading Platform:

LUXSTACK provides you the most advanced bitcoin trading platform, money transfers, global payments, and bitcoin exchange application on one platform. The trading platform supported is the mobile android wallet. It is supported on android and iOS.

  1. Transaction fees/charges:

To allow the bitcoin network to approve your payment, a small fee is charged when payments are made. This is typically 100 bits, which is less than 5 US cents.

  1. Pros:

-Foreign exchange is made easy – you can buy and sell bitcoin through the palm of your hands.

-You are much protected at every step of the way.

-You can get to be notified when payments are received and market orders are performed.

-it sends money straight away to the bitcoin payment system without includinga third-party.

  1. Cons:

Even if the are non-custodial (if you regulate your own private keys), they are yet auto-updating. It suffers from bitcoin volatility.

  1. Summary:

LUXSTACK bitcoin wallet is your everyday bitcoin wallet, safe, fast and suitable. It is the best approach to manage, personalize, and spend bitcoin — the internet of money.

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