ShapeShift Bitcoin Exchange Review

ShapeShift Bitcoin Exchange Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
  • Customer Support

ShapeShift is a novel piece of infrastructure in Bitcoinland and for bitcoin exchange. It is about how digital currency exchange must operate. From beginning to finish you can change currencies in less than ten seconds, and no account is required. ShapeShift’s aim is to be the quickest, most private, and most suitable way to exchange digital currencies and the exchange rate for it will always remain competitive.

  1. Services offered by the company:

ShapeShift provide service of exposure to other currencies.  If your website is presently accepting Bitcoin, but you require exposure to other crypto-currencies also (because that implies more customers), then ShapeShift provide its service in this case.

ShapeShift’s API lets your service accept (or send) many diverse crypto-currencies. They will be transformed automatically and promptly to or from Bitcoin.


ShapeShift gives feature that allows a user to tell it accurately how much of a crypto-currency or digital asset they request to receive and it then tells them accurately how much of their depositing coin they must direct in order to accept that precise amount.

Once any user mentions their payment address, ShapeShift provide feature to generate a bitcoin deposit address, and also a functioning exchange rate for the currency pair. It also provide feature to authorize the deposit address – a feature undoubtedly welcome for those worried about permanently transferring their bitcoins to the incorrect address.

  1. Reliability:

ShapeShift is very reliable and easy crypto exchange, without any of the risk that out-dated crypto exchanges transmit. It offers reliability without the advanced trading tools and features that they incline to provide.

  1. Security:

With ShapeShift, the integration is the first time using users can store and trade digital properties without ever taking to expose their personal private keys to the internet. This is a large step forward matter of security for traders.

  1. Trading Platform:

The ShapeShift API offers developers numerous ways to integrate instant altcoin exchange services with wallets, websites and many more. For those developers searching for a platform for partner or commission opportunity, Shapeshift facilitates affiliate program. 

  1. Transaction fees/charges:

Using ShapeShift, what you see is what you gain. The exchange rate is accurately what you will get, minus the miner fee. There is no exchange fee charged, or any service fee.  The fee typically ranges within 0.5 to 1%, based on the market. The bitcoin miner fee is 0.0006 BTC. 

  1. Pros:

-It is the Safest, fastest asset exchange available.

-It can trade any foremost blockchain asset.

-It provides protection by design.

-With ShapeShift, no Account is required.

-Shapeshift grasps no user currency and gathers no user data, it is basically a completely autonomous service, and there are usually not any necessities from support. 

  1. Cons:

-ShapeShift operates in about every country but you will require another cryptocurrency for purchasing bitcoins.

-The burden falls over Shapeshift to unpack the coins as needed, which can at times become a challenge.

  1. Summary:

ShapeShift is a bitcoin exchange which can exchange your bitcoin currencies in very less time with pronounced feature and better security and reliability.

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