Bittrex Bitcoin Exchange Review

Bittrex Bitcoin Exchange Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
  • Customer Support

Bittrex Bitcoin exchange provides individuals and businesses a world class experience to purchase and trade cutting-edge crypto-currencies as well as digital tokens. Bittrex is based and completely regulated in the USA; Bittrex is the go-to spot for dealers who request lightning fast trade implementation, steady wallets, and industry-best security performs. Bittrex helps you out whether you are novel to trading and crypto-currencies, or an expert to both.

  1. Services offered by the company:

The company serves its service to traders and individuals by guiding compliance audits on all latest coin launches, safeguarding that its users have the info they need to create informed trades. Bittrex provides service for selection of more than 190 crypto-currencies.


Company’s completely automated monitoring platform provides feature for prompt updates on trade, balance, and wallet data.  The feature is such that users will never be left questioning where the funds are or if your deposits get blocked.  Information provided is continuously up to date.

It provide feature of custom built trading engine, meaning that Bittrex’s custom trading engine was established from the ground up with scale and speed as the precedence.  Orders get implemented as soon as they are positioned and you will never realize a crossed order book or a postponement in handling of any kind of trades.

  1. Reliability:

Bittrex works the most reliable security technologies accessible. As part of this approach by Bittrex, it controls a flexible multi stage wallet strategy guaranteeing that 80-90% of funds are present offline and safe.

  1. Security:

Bittrex puts on the newest security technologies to protect its users and us.   It offers two-factor authentication (over email or google authenticator) is essential for all withdrawals and API practice.  They considered everything from the ground up with security in viewpoint.

The company is a succeeding generation crypto trading platform made and functions in the United States by crypto supporters holding a wide growth and security background. 

  1. Trading Platform:

The company intended the most complete set of API for developers to shape on its platform.  Its full featured collection of APIs lets you to effortlessly deposit, trade, and withdraw to and from the exchange, allowing arbitrage scenarios never probable earlier.

  1. Transaction fees/charges:

With Bittrex, all trades hold a 0.25% commission. Bittrex will offer paper copies of electronic communication on demand for a fee. The fee is $10 and additional $1 per page for shipping and treatment to an address within the regions of United States. Shipping done outside of the United States can acquire additional fees.

  1. Pros:

-Using blockchain technology lasting to innovate, Bittrex supports recognized and developing currencies.

-It supports both new and established crypto-currencies, giving you with an ever-growing collection of trading and capitalizing opportunities. 

  1. Cons:

-People today are a bit worried regarding Bittrex´s financial transparency.

-The exchange could have carried out a proof of reserves audit to let some economic transparency.

  1. Summary:

Bittrex is basically established with high frequency trading in viewpoint. It is a bitcoin exchange based out of United States supporting many crypto-currencies and high security.

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