ANXPRO Bitcoin Exchange Review

ANXPRO Bitcoin Exchange Review

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ANXPRO is an excellent provider of Fintech services in the area of ​​cryptographic coins based in Hong Kong. ANX has developed two bags. Bitcoin bag ANXBTC that is very easy to use and a large bag of crypto-currency exchange called ANX PRO. You can access both the bags from your ANX account. ANXBTC is one of the best and biggest bags of Bitcoin. However, the reasons why we mention ANXBTC and ANXPRO here as an excellent choice for buying and spending Bitcoins are:

  1. ANXBTC offers an excellent portfolio of Bitcoin online that you can associate with a Bitcoin international debit card or a cryptographic Bitcoin debit card! You can immediately change “X” into your Bitcoins debit card and spend it as USD through the MasterCard payment system. ANX PRO also offers a debit card for ANX Start coin! This can be ordered through Start Join. The ANX Premium Debit Card is free! Just at the time that you get cash at an ATM, you pay a fee of 1%.
  2. In fact, it sounds almost too good to be true, but you are paying in US dollars and paying nothing for using a MasterCard ANX Bitcoin. Would you like to pay in Euros to avoid currency conversion fee? Is it better to use debit cards or E-Coin SpectroCoin?


ANX PROCONSEJO: If you are worried about Bitcoin currency, you can convert a portion of your Bitcoins in precious metals and regulate fiat money such as USD, EURO, YUAN, YEN, etc. in BITRESERVE. Then, you can load your debit card immediately in ANXBTC by converting your gold and sending them to ANXBTC Bitcoins address from your debit card. Therefore, even if you have doubts about the value of Bitcoin and the value of another currency, you can capture a portion of your assets in gold, silver, platinum or palladium, and then make it available anytime. In fact, you’d be living in a gold standard or ingots and will be spending only an “X” number of Bitcoin dollars when it is beneficial for you and when you want it! This really is financial freedom and independence without the intervention of banks and expensive costs. Therefore, it combines the power of Bitreserve with a debit card or any other Bitcoin payment. To pay with Bitcoins is no longer a problem!

  1. ANXBTC offers the opportunity to buy Bitcoins with other altcoins through a very professional and super easy ANXPRO trading system that is based on the LMAX technology that is also used by major investment banks. Of course, you can buy directly from ANXBTC through a bank in writing. However, the strength, comfort, and speed in buying through altcoins ANXPRO are unmatched. Therefore, if you want to invest a portion of your Bitcoins in altcoins, you can do this easily from your Bitcoin ANX wallet online. ANX is constantly trying to reduce the transaction costs of buying altcoins and strives to be the cheap bag of altcoins and Bitcoin in the world. You’ll never pay too much for dealing with Bitcoins and altcoins in ANXBTC. Buying Bitcoins, selling Bitcoins and paying with Bitcoins is easy with ANXBTC.
  1. Investment in safety – safety is the main motive of ANX. The ANXBTC.COM platform is hosted at the data center level of 3+ ISO 27001/901. Digital coins are not stored by cloud providers. All databases are encrypted and protected against SQL injection attacks. Each time, backups are made at several locations outside of the site where everything is recorded in detail. All communications are encrypted using encryption technology 128 bits. ANX invests in DDOS protection and works with the best games to resist denial of service attacks. ANX is investing in the best firewall technology and offers its customers a method of authentication login.


Pay attention to the fact that ANX seriously invests in the security of its platform but it does not mean that you’re not responsible. I recommend everyone to save most of the Bitcoins and store them in the portfolio Ledger. By using the Portfolio Ledger, you can always send Bitcoins straight into your ANXBTC wallet or debit card. In an online portfolio, never keep all the Bitcoins you bought. You should consider it as a checking account. Moreover, we also use a VPN service and make sure to use a very good malware scanner!

Well, I think I have given a clear review in this article of ANXBTC and how to act effectively and safely in Bitcoins and altcoins, such as saving and protecting the value of your equity Bitcoin. ANX is certainly an excellent option to buy Bitcoins and other digital currencies through the SEPA and spending your Bitcoins anywhere in the world via a MasterCard. ANXBTC debit card works great!

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