Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet Review

Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet Review

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Exchange Fees
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Bitcoin allow you to send and receive money across the world with ease and without any worries of losing it or counterfeit. The significant feature of a virtual wallet is the control, you need to know if you are the one who manages your wallet or somebody else has to do the job for you. Undoubtedly the best way to manage is yourself and uses it anytime and anywhere you require the bitcoins.

Schildbach Features & Services

The following it the services and features that are offered by the Bitcoin Wallet.

  • Registration

You do not require involving in the hectic procedure of registration if you’re using the Bitcoin Wallet. No web service or any cloud is necessary to use the services of Bitcoin Wallet, the control is with you.

  • Conversion

You have the ease of converting any national currency to Bitcoin and vice versa. You can receive and send Bitcoin by way of QR-codes or Bitcoin URLs or NFC. You can even use Bitcoin when you don’t have internet facility with the help of Bluetooth.

  • Digital Notary

Bitcoin has provided another platform where people can reliably and securely transfer and receive money. It is completely transparent digital notary with the help of this technology.

Schildbach User Reliability

Decentralization, Open Source, and Peer-to-Peer technology are the principles of Bitcoin. It is trusted by the people because of the subjective valuations that it offers. It is very reliable and trustworthy when this factor comes to mind. It is basically a wallet that is virtually in your pocket, you are the sole person who manages that nobody else. The key provides you a code that you use while making the transactions and this key is everything you need to manage the wallet.

Schildbach Security

The integral system allows it to securitize the transactions. When the control and the functioning capacity are bestowed upon you, there is not even a slight chance to compromise with the security. Bitcoin Wallet is a medium to keep your currency safe and secure with you without any apprehension of losing it to anyone. The key is generated on transactions and used as an address which should be renewed every time you make any transaction

Trading Platforms

There are many platforms which trade in Bitcoin and have complete trust in the system of virtual currency.

  • Stores

There are merchants who accept the Bitcoin transactions such as PayPal, Dell, Zynga, Microsoft, and much more. These merchants use the Bitcoin medium and pay fees less than 2%.

  • Non-Profits

It is used and accepted by Greenpeace, The Mozilla Foundation, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Wikimedia Foundation. They all accept Bitcoin transactions.

  • Financial Institutions

The first ever bank to allow deposits to Bitcoin without charging any fee was established in the city of Boston. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Australian banks showcase their keen interest in the Bitcoin technology.

  • Investment

Many people bought Bitcoins to invest their savings securely in the fear of confiscation due to high inflation or any similar factor.

  • Apps

You can find it in the Play Store as well as the Apple Store. You can simply install it and use the secure medium to make transactions in daily life. It is efficient, effective and reliable when you are sending and receiving money from the Bitcoin Wallet.

Transaction Fees

This is the fee that is applied to the transactions that are made by the person sending the Bitcoins. The current fee per transaction is 100 satoshis/byte. For example, if there is a transaction of 226 bytes then the fee will result in 22,600 satoshis that are around 0.17 dollars in amount.


There can’t be a more secure and transparent way to make transactions. It is simple, secure, fast and very reliable making it user-friendly and inclined towards the users. The fee that is charged for transactions is the lowest which allows more savings and fewer fees to be charged.


Despite its ease of using and advantages, it hasn’t been able to gain much reputation in the market. The technology is new and people are hesitant to use this system virtually. If you commit any mistake in sending the money or lose your key, there is actually no other way to restore your money.


Since its evolution, the continuous efforts are put to make it reach to the people. Bitcoin is the most secure and safe way to make transactions and it will soon be at par with other service providers across the globe.

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