Bitcoinium Bitcoin Wallet Review

Bitcoinium Bitcoin Wallet Review

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Bitcoin is a unique concept which caters to cryptographic currency. Cryptographic currency means a currency which is created digitally and has no institution or organizational body which controls the same. The Bitcoins are of the people, for the people and by the people. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto whose identity is not yet discovered in the year 2009. Bitcoinium is an Android application which helps to track the fluctuation bitcoin prices on various exchanges.

Services Offered by Bitcoinium

Bitcoinium is not a marketplace where bitcoins can be bought or sold for cash. Bitcoin provides you information on all the exchange markets in the world which helps you to make the right deals with your bitcoins. The application is available on the Google Play store and you can download it for free and get track your favorite cryptographic currencies.


Bitcoinium comes with very advanced features. Bitcoin has introduced a new widget which can track the bitcoin address balance. The Bitcoin average option which is featured on the application is very useful and is used for calculating the weighted average Bitcoin price calculation. The Bitcoin chart is another useful feature which is a ticker list available for unsupported exchanges. The Compact 2 X 1 widget proves to be a very important feature of the Bitcoinium application which provides a lot of information like the highest and lowest price of the bitcoin market in the last 24 hours, the volume of transactions in the last 24 hours, time of last data refresh and other important information required for trading as well.  The price alarm notifications feature available makes sure that you get all the information when there is a drastic change in the bitcoin market. This feature provides notification by making a sound or vibrating the phone.


Bitcoinium is claimed to be very reliable by its users and it has over one thousand plus downloads which itself is a proof of its reliability


Bitcoinum can be used from your personal computer or laptop by simply logging on their website Bitcoinium is user-friendly and is also available for smartphones, tabs, or in short all android supported devices. Bitcoinium is also available on apple store and thus supports all apple devices as well.

Exchanges Supported by Bitcoinium

Bitcoinium does not support all the bitcoin wallet exchanges which are available on the internet. The exchanges which are supported by Bitcoinium are

  • ANX: • BitBay:
  • Bitcoin Central:
  • BitcoinToYou:
  • Bitcurex:
  • Bitfinex:
  • BitKonan:
  • Bitstamp:
  • BitVC:
  • BleuTrade:
  • BTC-e:
  • BTC China:
  • BTER:
  • CampBX:
  • CEX.IO:
  • Coinbase:
  • Coinsetter:
  • Crypto-Trade:
  • Cryptonit:
  • HitBtc:
  • Kraken:
  • LakeBTC:
  • Mercado:
  • OKCoin:
  • Vault of Satoshi:
  • VirtEx:

The information of all the above cryptocurrency exchanges would be available on the application and one can easily be informed about what is going on the bitcoin world.


This is a very customer friendly application which is one of the best applications for bitcoin market tracking. The widgets provided by the application are very efficient and enable the users to get all the information on the fingertips. The widgets enable the users to view four charts at a time which is very convenient. This application is well supported which provides smooth functioning.


The charts sometimes don’t work which causes inconvenience to the users. The app crashes sometimes and it also hangs frequently while making charts. There is no control over the display elements for the users which can definitely be improved as this would make the application more personalized. The option for trading is also not available. If this is enabled this application will be a complete app for all the bitcoin needs.

The Bitcoinium overall is a very good and self-sufficient application which provides complete information and details of the bitcoin exchange markets. It is user-friendly and also one of the most popular apps for bitcoin. The efficient support system and different widgets for different functions are the highlights of this application. This application is going to be soon updated and will also enable trading in bitcoins for its users.

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