Caricoin Bitcoin Wallet Review

Caricoin Bitcoin Wallet Review

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Caricoin is basically a mobile wallet built for the Bitcoin users. It can be use anywhere and at any time. One of the unique features of the Caricoin wallet is that it has zero cost remittance, easy availability of mobile payments in local currencies and your privacy remains confidential with an offshore bank account. So it does have all the features in one wallet.


The main feature of the Caricoin wallet is that it allows the users to instantly send and receive the Bitcoins which ultimately helps the users to pay for the goods and services which they have availed off and that too with a no fee basis. The caricoin mobile wallet also enables the communication between the receivers and the senders. It also comes with an instantly top up mobile phone features that to with the prepaid minutes anywhere in the Caribbean.


Caricoin has very much reliable as far as its features are concerned. It uses the Bitgo instant technology which basically helps in verifying transactions in real time. It has an amazing technology which eliminates the 10-15 minutes delay which the blockchain currently require these days. So basically it does have 100 percent no waiting transfers.


It is the security which is the most important concern for the users, so keeping this in the mind Caricoin has secured its wallet with the Bitgo technology. Bitgo is basically a top global leader in the Bitcoin security and comes with the multi signature technology. It still continues to be the best innovative security service among the top emerging industry standards.


CARICOIN wallet is basically for the mobile phones and it can be downloaded from the google play for the android users. It does not have the apple version available and also does not available for the users to be used on the desktop. Bitgo is the trading partner of the Caricoin which ultimately provides the reliable security to the wallet.


One of the unique things about this wallet is that it uses zero cost remittance. In the Caribbean the members of the Caribbean community can easily send the money without paying fees. It is also revealed by the World bank report that Caribbean region amount to over $800 million dollars as the remittance fees.


Easy downloading

It takes only few minutes to setup the wallet, you just have to enter your personal information and the wallet easily gets started with.

Quick transfers

Bitcoins can be easily transferred and received within seconds by using this wallet as the bitcoins are accepted by many online retailers.

Mobile top-up

You can easily top up your mobile phone in the Caribbean with this Caricoin app which is quick and secure.


One of the biggest disadvantage of this wallet is that it is available only on the mobile and does not have the desktop version available. In case you damage your device there is no option to open the wallet in other media.


Caricoin is gaining popularity among its users because of its features like easy transfers and no transaction fees. It does also have mobile top-up feature which makes this wallet an exceptionally amazing from all the other wallets available in the leading industry. So overall it is a decent wallet available  in the market for the beginner and also for the experts.

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