Pheeva Bitcoin Wallet Review

Pheeva Bitcoin Wallet Review

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  • Security
  • Transparency
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Pheeva Bitcoin wallet improves value to critically admired wallet offering via partnering with few of the principal brands in and out of the crypto currency space. Pheeva provides more opportunities for you, and more conducts to relish the freedom of using bitcoin.

Services offered by the company:

Pheeva Bitcoin wallet provides service of Fixes wallet creation hang-up on several devices. There is no more copying and pasting addresses when accomplishing payments. Just click the payment address you want to make a payment to, fill in the amount and then transfer. The process could not be so easier with other bitcoin wallets. It provides service of password protection and session oriented pin protection built in to assist keep unsolicited individuals from using your bitcoin wallet.


Following are the noteworthy features of Pheeva Bitcoin wallet:

Client-side Wallet Generation:

Your wallet is created on your device itself. Only your encrypted wallet is kept for back up and renewal uses.

Easy to use:

Using the Pheeva wallet you can use wallet to send Bitcoin. It allows users to effortlessly set up and direct virtual currency with much little effort.

Easy to transact:

It makes it easy to remember, to share and accept payments without needing to give somebody you’re huge and private bitcoin address. You can also inform it over-the-air to your very prevalent podcast audience. You can also use it in your subsequent non-profit campaign.


Pheeva works the most consistent security technologies available. As part of this method by Pheeva, it regulates a flexible multi stage wallet plan assuring that 80-90% of funds are existing offline and safe. 


Pin Lock:

On each exit of the app the pin lock safeguards your wallet avoiding unauthorized users.


Your bitcoin wallet is secured using AES-256 encryption. This encryption occurs before we even save it on servers. There is no private access to your account from fraud.

Trading Platform:

Pheeva planned the most comprehensive set of API for developers to outline on its platform.  Its complete featured group of APIs lets you to readily deposit, trade, and withdraw to and from the wallet, letting arbitrage scenarios never seen earlier.

Transaction fees/charges:

Its online retailers and service suppliers also offer incentives and discounts that can protect buyers up to 20 per cent on their acquisitions. Refunds are not obtainable for transferred prices. Transaction fees/charges is negotiated on a per user basis by discussing through company’s e-mail address.


Even if a user does not own a bank account, he/she can make a cash deposit at a native bank branch to purchase Bitcoins. The Bitcoins are then directed to his/her Pheeva wallet and can be expended online at the contributing stores.


You do not gain access to your private keys. Many users have not trusted Pheeva with any significant amount.


Pheeva is a bitcoin wallet which can safely save your bitcoin currencies in very less time with noteworthy features mentioned, better security and reliability.

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