Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet Review

Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet Review

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Almost all bitcoin users rely on free web and mobile wallets. But recently hackers have gone steps further breaching even the most secure wallets which have forced people to look for safer alternatives. One such device designed to tackle this problem is the Trezor Hardware Wallet. It is meant for those who wish to store their coins, but do not trust any third-party service.

About Trezor

The Trezor wallet was developed by a Czech start-up Satoshi Labs. The device costs $99 and is typically a USB dongle. It provides security for all bitcoin transactions.

Services provided by the company and Features

The Trezor wallet can be used to validate transactions on unknown and unsafe computers. It is resistant to key loggers and other forms of attack. This means that even if your own PC is compromised, there is no way for the attacker to get your private key. This USB device is powered on an ARM Cortex M3 processor and has a 128×64 pixel OLED screen. It can communicate with your PC over a USB to micro USB cable. It is a plastic device and has quite a good finish.

Security and Reliability

You need to connect the device to your PC and install the browser plugin. After the plugin is installed, you will be prompted to enter a PIN. You just have to click the numeric keypad on your browser where the position of each digit changes randomly. An attacker would not be able to detect the PIN without looking at the Trezor device. The security features are quite awesome. Trezor provides you with a 24-word seed, which will be used to reconstruct the device in case you lose it. The device uses random sources to generate the seed which makes it even more reliable and secure. It also makes user interaction simpler. You just need to feed in the PIN and approve each transaction on your device. That’s it. It uses some of the best security features and is a very reliable device. Trezor lives up to its reputation in this case.

Trading platforms and devices

Earlier Trezor was functional only on desktops operating systems such as Windows, OS X, and Linux. Recently they have provided support for Android devices. The device can be used on Android mobiles using an OTG cable. You can also use it on Windows and Android tablets and smartphones.

Transaction charges

Apart from the one-time purchasing fee of $99, Trezor charges a minimal transaction fee of 120 satoshis/byte for each transaction made through the device. This is the cheapest and fastest mode to transfer bitcoins. The transaction fees may go up or down depending on the delivery mode and gateway.

Pros and Cons of the Trezor Wallet

While security and reliability are the most awesome features of the Trezor device, other advantages like portability and multi-platform availability make it one of the best devices of the current generation. The installation is simple and works as a convenient method for coin transfer. It requires no battery and can be carried along as a keychain. There are no visible disadvantages of this device except that the build of the device may be somewhat the downside for some people. Other than that, it is just great.


The Trezor wallet meets our expectations and goes a great way in solving the problems of bitcoin users. With the availability of functionality on Android devices, it has become more popular among users. All the features added with the top security measures make it one of the best security devices.

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