Blockchain Game Bitcoin App Review

Blockchain Game Bitcoin App Review

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BlockChain Game is an application designed by company-Bitcoin Alien. It is a most popular bitcoin app among those users who want to earn real and virtual money online and for this it gives the real virtual money.

  1. Services offered by the company:

The company provides service to play at least 2 game per day. If users don’t have play options available on their screen they can see watch video and can get 50 santoshi at bottom of app. By simply clicking there and watching the video, users can get 50 santoshi extra. Users can even earn 400-700 santoshi by simply downloading similar other apps which they can see on game dashboards. For every ten levels, an option is available to cash out or proceed further.


This bitcoin app provides feature to use the AlienRun application. For every hour you can play a game and correspondingly each offset 10 offer you the opportunity to win over bitcoin. You can also claim each Palliez 10 and for this the offset 100 is the most lucrative. Blockchain Game bitcoin app provides feature to earn 3000 satoshi (0.00003 BTC) for each referral that surpasses 50 levels.

  1. Reliability:

Blockchain Game bitcoin app provides two factor authentications which is quite reliable. The glaring security hole then turns out as a keylogger while in use.  This allows checking whether someone stalling your backup or stealing your bitcoins. If yes, it can be decrypted so if you’re backup location is protected with two factor authentication suggesting its reliability.

  1. Security:

This bitcoin app is secured using AES-256 encryption considering the security of users. This encryption takes place formerly you even save it on servers. Additionally, there is no private access to your account from fraud users, which confirms the security.

  1. Transaction fees/charges:

There is a fee of about 0.0001 as transaction fees which are set as default fee while using this bitcoin app. You can manipulate it by going to advanced settings and can check the transaction fee based on your needs. However, for this bitcoin app refunds are not available for transferred prices. 

  1. Pros:
  • You can rarn real bitcoin, can send it to your bitcoin wallet simply by playing an entertaining and addictive game.
  • You can build a blockchain by piling blocks, and claim greater rewards using a longer chain.
  • The provision is available to build the longest blockchain and earn free bitcoins.
  • You can earn up to 100,000 satoshi per hour. 
  1. Cons:

After completing higher levels, majority of the time you will end up receiving a white loading screen that will not go away easily.

Many times, users have found a problem to force close the game and lose all progress.

There is not much replay ability and it is expected to innovate further on the faucet concept. 

  1. Summary:

Blockchain Game bitcoin app is a reliable bitcoin app that comes with many options for convenience of users while using.

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