Coin-Banks Review

Coin-Banks Review


Coin-Banks has been in the market for over 17 years, operating since 1999. It is a premier trading platform for cryptocurrencies and have managed to build a good name in the market based on the honesty and good business reputation. This is the reason why Coin-Banks has strong clientele. Coin-Banks make sure that your money and bitcoin is always safe with them by searching for effective strategies and testing new methods to grow investors’ funds. Only when a method or strategy succeeds in meeting the defined standard, would it be offered to investors.


In 2005, Coin-Banks developed a new trading strategy that generates very high return in less than 60 days. They gathered massive amount of data from largest exchange rates in the world by trading volumes and then loaded it on the multi-functional model they developed. The strategy turned out to be highly profitable. Three years later in 2008, they launched a PAMM account, which allows traders to work closely with the PAMM account manager so as to make huge profits without investing in a lot of money. Bitcoin trading was introduced on the platform in 2011.

Types of PAMM Accounts

Coin-Banks offer six different types of PAMM accounts to its clients, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. PAMM stands for the Percent Allocation Management Module. The purpose of these accounts is to raise investment capital for management by forex traders.

PAMM accounts allow an investor to secure huge profits with minimum involvement. However, you must carefully choose a PAMM account broker and manager after properly evaluating the risk and profit potential. Given below is a brief overview of the accounts offered by Coin-Banks.

  • Bronze – A trader can sign up for a Bronze account with just $2,000 and he or she will be given the services of a personal account manager along with 1 signal per week.
  • Silver – Just like Bronze account, the Silver account also offers Leverage X2. Moreover, with just $5,000, a trader gets the services of personal account analyst, 2 signals per week and two education sessions.
  • Gold – You can sign up for a Gold account with $10,000 and you will receive 3 signals every week and 3 education sessions in addition to all the services offered in Silver
  • Platinum – This account offers a Leverage X3 with the services of senior account chief analyst, daily signal service, and a complete education package with a registration amount of $50,000.
  • Diamond – Although, signing up for a Diamond account costs about $100,000, but in addition to all the services offered in the Platinum account, traders get Leverage X5.
  • VIP – Last but not the least, a trader can sign up for a VIP account with $250,000 and he is offered Leverage X7 in addition to all the services offered in the Platinum


There is a separate section on the platform called Education. It contains detailed information about how Bitcoin trading works. Furthermore, you will also find information about different tools that can be used to help you with trading decisions along with the different methods used for trading.

Exchanges and News

There is a separate news section on the website, which provides updated information about the market. This definitely is a useful tool that enables traders and investors to make quick and wise decisions. Moreover, Coin-Banks also has a list of recommended exchanges on their website, which currently includes CoinBase, BitStamp, Kraken, and BTCC.


The online fraud and theft are quite common in the past decade. This is the reason why Coin-Banks give top priority to the security of its clients. The website is fully encrypted. Every time a trader executes a transaction in his account, a closed lock appears on the upper or lower section of the window. You can view a certificate issued to the website by double clicking on that symbol. Secondly, you have to enter a password in order to login to your account. As for the financial information of a trader, it is always secured and controlled by a security system. This system allows access only to those services that are required.

Moreover, the information transferred between your computer and the website is fully encrypted via 128 bit SSL encryption certificate. The information security experts carry out routine security checks in order to make sure the clients’ information is safe and secure.

Although, bitcoin trading is highly volatile, yet, it provides instant results. Coin-Banks allow you to invest in CFDs, commodities, currencies and indices, and enjoy a user-friendly trading environment. If you are not sure which instrument you should choose, simply contact their 24 hour help desk to connect with a trader who has a specialized education in that instrument. He will definitely guide you whether or not you should invest in a particular asset based on your financial goals.


  1. Good platform.

  2. Good Service, a bit slow with the compliance part but overall they are a good and solid company.

    I trade with Sean Gilbert and my account manager is James.

    until now is see 17.4 percent return in the last 2 months

    • I am with James Also he is very professional.

      Has a lot of good ideas.

  3. Very Good platform nice HFT trading room.

  4. Good service but about the withdraw takes time.

    I waited 4 days until the money was in my bank and they told me 2 days.

    Sometimes the software that they use is good and sometimes there are a lot of bags.

    The told me the bags is because of a new server.

    Abou the money they told me that their bank had a problem.

    Overall good people and so far good return.

  5. I am a new member and I am impressed so far with a small account less than 2K. My first test withdrawal took only 24 hrs. Others on Face Book call it a scam but there was only one review. If it was a scam wouldn’t it be all over the place. This kind of business is different. Owners like to keep their identities private for obvious reasons. I want to put $50,000 in but it will take a while to build more trust. Also some of the scam comments did not have the same country or telephone number. I was very scared at first it too but the staff had to calm me down and reassure me I was in good hands. I want to go to L2 trading but I need more money just $3000 total and now it is really rocking with Bitcoin crossing the $4000 threshold for the first time in its history! Let me know why you trust Coin-Banks.

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