Cryptonator Bitcoin App Review

Cryptonator Bitcoin App Review

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Cryptonator is an all-in-one Bitcoin app which supports several cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and similar others. The motto of this company is to combine usability with great level of privacy, anonymity and security,

  1. Services offered by the company:

Following are the useful services offered:

  • Multi-currency account

It allows you to take complete control of all your cryptocurrencies. For multi-currency, you can securely store, effortlessly receive or send and promptly exchange diverse digital currencies in single personal account.

· Instant currency exchange

With Cryptonator bitcoin app, you can discover the accessibility and benefits of the automatic instant exchange. There is no more complicated and inconvenient online exchanges while buying/selling orders through this bitcoin app.


Following are the useful services offered:

  • You can select whether to input the sum of coins retained manually or routinely update balance by address (accessible for some selected crypto currencies).
  • Simple and smooth conversion of over 500 crypto currencies and fiat at real rates across 40+ exchanges is available.
  • Portfolio tool available for tracking value of possessed coins.
  • Widget price ticker feature available for the home screen
  1. Reliability:

Cryptonator is about to support about 10 dissimilar cryptocurrencies at the start, suggesting its reliability. The bitcoin app will supplement new currencies as the project develops and claims that it will allow an automatic on-site conversion amongst diverse crypto currencies at the finest rates and with minimum system commission.

  1. Security:

This bitcoin app takes care about anonymity, privacy, and bank-grade security. It takes all probable measures to retain your funds secure. All the offered services operate entirely on secure SSL (HTTPS) connection, critical user details is hashed using SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm. It even offers additional two factor authentication using One-Time-Passwords that adds more security to your account.

  1. Transaction fees/charges:

Through this bitcoin app, incoming and outgoing transactions under the set minimums are not being processed by its accounting system and so it will not be credited to user’s account. For bitcoins, sending fees is 0.0001 BTC while using Cryptonator bitcoin app. Now you are allowed to exchange cryptocurrency in your private account in just few seconds at very eye-catching rates and without fees through this bitcoin app.

  1. Pros:

It allows easy and fast direct transactions as well as permits instant exchange amongst many distinguished cryptocurrencies.

Cryptonator provides free multi-cryptocurrency accounts, which are available 24/7 globally on your desktop, laptop, or similar other mobile devices.

  1. Cons:

It fails to assure absolute accuracy of the revealed exchange rates and the rates are composite prices, not proposed to be used for investment commitments.

  1. Summary:

Cryptonator is a bitcoin app that can support may different cryptocurrency and can provide great security to users.

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