BitBuds Mingle Bitcoin App Review

BitBuds Mingle Bitcoin App Review

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BitBuds Mingle is all about people who use crypto currency or bit coins, and share common interests. With BitBuds application these people get to connect with each other sharing their photographs, audio and video files with other stuff with new exciting features, and the best part is this app is completely free of cost.

It was last updated on March 3, 2017 and is working successfully with around 100-500 installations.

Services Offered By BitBuds Mingle:-

As the same suggests this app is all about to mingle the ones who use bit buds and share common interests. With Bitbuds mingle different people from all across the world who use bit coins will get a platform to communicate and share through this android app.

This app does not charge for any kind of registration fee. Just few formalities after which the user is free to use all its features which include:-

  • Sharing audio and video files
  • Having a separate and private inbox
  • Profile pictures and photo sharing
  • Meeting and making other bit coin friends.

These were some of the great features and services provided by BitBuds Mingle.

Reliability Of This App:-

As far as reliability is concerned, the reliability of this app completely depends on the reliability of bit coin buddies. Hence, it all depends on the reliability of bit coins.


With this BitBuds Mingle every user gets a separate and private inbox which is completely private from other users of this app. Hence, one can keep their information secured and data private according to one’s own wish by using the privacy features of BitBuds Mingle.

Transaction Fees:-

As this app is a kind of social media app there is absolutely no transaction fee for the users using BitBuds Mingle.

Pros & Cons:-

As everything in this world has two sides, in the same way there are few pros and cons associated with BitBuds Mingle as well. So, let us see the pros and cons with BitBuds Mingle:-


  • BitBuds app provides you the platform to create new contacts with our bit coin buddies all over the world and explore more.
  • With BitBuds Mingle you don’t have to pay any kind of transaction fees, you can stay connected with your bit coin buddies absolutely free of cost.


  • BitBuds Mingle allows you to connect with only bit coin users, but there may be your family and friends who don’t use bit coins, and with BitBuds Mingle you cannot stay in touch with them.
  • Besides the bit coin buddies, there is nothing unique in this app as compared to other social media apps.


BitBuds Mingle is overall a decent app with overall rating of 4.3 and hence the ones with bit coins should surely check out this app and explore the world.

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