Bitcoin Flapper Game Review

Bitcoin Flapper Game Review

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Bitcoin flapper is a wonderful game which allows you to earn bit coins which by regular pay can be used to earn good cash backs.  In this flapper there is a bird which you have to take over the obstacle and depending on your score you will be rewarded some points.

At the end of the game the top 3 players will be selected as winners and will get good bit coin rewards, By regularly playing this game and earning a person can easily make a money to pay for meals or a new phone.

This game was last updated in April 2015, and is working pretty well with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Services Offered By Bit Coin Flapper:-

There are many services and exciting features offered by Bit Coin flapper listed as:-

  • Fun and cute bird to play and target with
  • Several stages and levels to keep you engaged with the game and manage the interest
  • Earning of good money by constant playing and earning
  • Free to download and fantastic to earn and make money with

Reliability Of Bit Coin Flapper:-

This app is completely reliable and is working successfully s players get to earn with the help of this app. It is based on the bit coin concept which uses earn by fun formula. Because of all these unique features this app offers reliability.

Transaction Fees:-

The transaction fee in bit coin flapper, completely depends on the way, the user earns and utilizes his/her bit coin. The more he/her plays the game the more number of benefits he/she gets.


This app solely does not speak much about security but is secured enough as defined by its customers using this application since a long time. Hence, overall in terms of security features as well bit coin flapper is a useful app to be used.

Pros & Cons:-

With so many features there comes few pros and cons also associated with Bit Coin Flapper. Let us see them:-


  • A good app to use and earn by fun
  • Have many advance features with good graphics which makes it even more interesting to play
  • Your regularity and consistency allows you to get the money you earned


  • Is of no use is one is unable to utilize the earned money


Bit Coin Flappers, overall is a nice app with great gaming features. Depending on your needs and interest install this amazing app and get all the benefits associated.

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